Helping Children Learn About Money.

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Learning to save is a lifelong habit.

Learning to live within your means.

Making a difference to other people.

Introducing Moonjar…

Moonjar moneyboxes have been created as a tool to help children learn about money. The moneybox is split into three parts and encourages children to allocate their money between each of the save, spend and share sections.

Each moneybox comes with a family guide and passbook which lets children track their progress as they identify, talk about, and work towards their financial goals.

We believe it’s important for children to learn how to handle money. And we think one of the best ways to do that is to get the whole family involved in the money conversation.​

Our hope is that learning about money is fun too. The three sections can be taken apart and used separately, or fit neatly together again with the supplied band.​​ Made with tin and acrylic, the design of the moneybox makes it easy for children to use.

After years of helping families in the US, Moonjar is finally coming to the UK this March.  

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by Chris Walker